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about rob ing productions

Rob is a musician, electrician, sound guy, technology wizard, and in general a creative guru. He’s been producing videos since 2002 and has built lasting partnerships with many businesses along the way. He keeps up to speed with the latest technologies and techniques and approaches every project with a commitment to exceptional service and product excellence.

Each critical piece of your video will be produced by Rob Ing and his network of exceptional talent. Voice and acting talent, script writers, videographers, lighting and sound technicians make up the skill we have at our fingertips.

In the studio we use the most recent Adobe products for all of our editing and design, along with a tool box of plug-ins from the top makers in the world. We are equipment Geeks. We work only with 4K and HD cameras, as well we have all the tools to make your production as effective as possible including green screens, sliders, lighting, prompters, the list goes on and on.