we do


…customized video productions that tell the story you want to tell.

Whether you come to us with a simple idea or with a full blown plan in mind, we’ll work with you to customize just the right production and craft the perfect video.

Video editing. You can come with the video already shot, or we can shoot it for you.  Either way, we’ll put it together in just the right way to achieve your end goal.

Motion graphics (MoGraphs).  We use video footage, text and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion. It could be 3d logo design, introduction to videos, or just motion text on screen. We’ll customize each MoGraph to stand out and make your video unique.

Camera services.  We now offer Drone video as well as photography in selected areas of the Province. Our field camera team can do video work for any type of project in any location.  We’ve shot all over Canada, on farms, in factories, wherever the client requests.

Whatever your need or budget Rob Ing Productions can help.
VIDEOS that deliver BUSINESS RESULTS for our clients:

Promotional – a marketing and sales tool.  Think product demos, case studies, web videos.

Explainer – explains the problem your product or service is trying to solve.  Think new product or company introduction.

Corporate – communicating internal or external company messages.  Think Town Hall meeting, Message from the President, Shareholder update.

Training – educating the viewer in order to remember and apply a skill.  Think health & safety, contractor/orientation, ‘how-to’.