Is sound really important?

Have you ever started to watch a video on-line and then shut if off after no more than 10 seconds because it just didn’t catch your attention?    This could be for many reasons but  one of the usual reasons is that the sound on the production was really bad.  Even if the content and visual appearance is OK, poor audio may be one of the reasons your customer moves on to a competitors site.

Using a clip on mic (lav), or a mic close to the subject, is often all that is needed to achieve a better result.   There are lots of little details to think about when putting together a solid video.  Its easy to miss something small like the location and direction of the mic.

We offerAudio Choices small tips to individuals and corporations who need advice on how to improve their video productions.  Better yet, we can save them time and money by taking on their video production and making sure all aspects are done right.  Give us a call.