Heli Shoot Preparation


I got a call last week to do a shoot for one of my oil and gas clients . This project involves shooting out of a helicopter for an aerial perspective as well as ground footage which will be on location just below NWT on the BC ridge . My client has just acquired a new frac division and would like it documented and captured for promotional purposes.

Now for the planning. I have decided to rent a kenon mini gyro to stabilize the camera. This unit is not cheap and is not light to pack. The battery itself is about 40 lbs which will be strapped the floor of the chopper. The gyro itself is lighter but can either be placed on the lap or on a suspension shaft that be added to the bottom. With this rental unit, it will add 95 lbs to my boarding weight.

Since I will be doing air and ground shots, i will be bringing my tripod, but will use my lighter manfrotto head and my Miller sticks. My cameras of choice will be my new Panny HPX250 for video and Canon 60D for stills.

All the other add ons will be the gear required for safety for both in the air and on the ground. Harnesses, lanyards, helmet, gloves, boots and safety glasses.
All together I am carrying 180 lbs of gear.